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Current Affairs Tutorial Page-01

Note: All Questions are very Important
1.In which of the following category the prestigious Annie Awards are given annually?
(A)Pop Music
(B)Animated Films
(C)Promotion of French Culture
(D)Drama & Musical Theatre
(E)None of them
Ans.(B) Animated Films, The best animated feature of 2008 was Kung Fu Panda, ASIFA-Hollywood announced at the 36th annual Annie Awards February 2009
2.Which among the following is also called as UN Nuclear Watchdog?
(A)Arms Control Association
(B)United Nations Atomic Energy Commission
(C)International Atomic Energy Agency
(D)Institute of Nuclear Materials Management
(E)None of them
Ans. (C) IAEA , established as an autonomous organization on 29 July 1957. Though established independently of the United Nations under its own international treaty it reports to both the General Assembly and the Security Council.
3.Which among the following was founded in 1974 in response to the Indian nuclear test in Pokharan? (Important)
(A)Nuclear Threat Initiative
(B)International Atomic Energy Agency
(C)Nuclear Suppliers Group
(D)Nonproliferation for Global Security Foundation
(E)None of the above
Ans. (C) Nuclear Suppliers Group
4.In which of the following states in India is established the country’s first carbon dioxide measurement exchange tower ?
(D)Himachal Pradesh
(E)Andhra Pradesh
Ans. (B) The Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) established it in feb. 2009 in Lamachaur , Uttarakhand to provide essential data regarding the eco-system exchange.
5.In which of the following historical cities of Madhya Pradesh, the Archaeological Survey of India plans to setup a Jurassic Park ?
Ans. (D) Mandu
6.Recently which of the following country’s scientists have developed world’s first low-cost diagnostic tool much like a pregnancy or diabetes test for detection of early cancer in the human body?
Ans. (E) India, Scientists of North Eastern Hills University (NEHU) have discovered a bio-molecular marker of cancer in blood, which can easily track cancer through blood test.
7.At which of the following places the Accountancy Museum is located in India?
Ans. (E) Noida The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has set up the Accountancy Museum at its office in the ICAI Bhawan at C-1, Sector-1, in Noida
8.Which among the following states in India organized the country’s first Lok Adalat for disposal of cases related with the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in first half of 2009 ?
Ans. (B) Jharkhand, Jharkhand State Legal Services Authority (JSLSA) organized this in February 2009
9.At which of the following memorials a large lotus in full bloom carved out of stone surrounded by 46 small lotuses marks the leader’s life has been constructed?
(A)Shakti Sthal
(B)Veer Bhumi
(C)Vijay Ghat
(D)Kisan Ghat
(E)None of them
Ans. (B) Veer Bhumi of Rajiv Gandhi
10.Who among the following is the Chief of Strategic Force Command in India?
(A)Lt. Gen. B.S. Nagal
(B)Lt. Gen. V.K. Singh
(C)A K Antoney
(D)R F Contractor
(E)None of them
Ans. (A) Lt. Gen. B.S. Nagal
11.Which among the following is Not correctly matched?
(A)Ban Ki Moon- Secretary General United national
(B)Hisashi Owada – President International Court of Justice
(C)Sylvie Lucas – United Nations Economic and Social Council
(D)Anil Sood – Vice President International Monetary Fund
(E)Irina Bokova – Director General UNESCO
Ans. (D) Anil Sood – Vice President World Bank
12.Who among the following is currently not at an equivalent rank of that of General Deepak Kapoor?
(A)General Deepak Kapur
(B)Admiral Nirmal kumar Verma
(C)Air Chief Marshal P Vansant nayak
(D)All of above are at an equivalent rank
(E)all of above are not at equivalent rank
Ans. (E) All of above are at an equivalent rank
13.At which of the following places an opening round of talks were held between Iran and Six Global Powers of the word?
(E)None of them
Ans. (C) Geneva
14.”Solution Exchange” is an initiative in India which aims at harnessing the power of Communities of Practice to help attain national development goals. It has been initiated by which of the following international agencies?
(A)United Nations
(B)Green Cross International
(C)Asian Development Bank
(D)Asia-Europe Foundation
(E)International Monetary Fund
Ans. (A) United Nations
15.Which of the following countries has recently committed itself to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 1.186 billion tonnes a year over the five years to March 2013, down 6 percent below 1990/1991 levels under the Kyoto Protocol?
(A)South Korea
(E)None of them
Ans. (B) Japan
16.Dr Jeffery Sachs an American Economist was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2007. He leads the International Advisory Panel on which of the following programmes of Government of India?
(A)National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
(B)National Rural Health Mission
(C)National Livelihood Mission
(D)Bharat Nirman
(E)Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
Ans. (B) National Rural Health Mission
17. ”Beyond Counter insurgency” is a book which was released in the first half of 2009. This book deals exclusively with the conflicts that have kept much of the region militarized, subject to restrictions on civil rights and economy underdevelopment of which of the following regions?
(B)North East India
(C)Tamil Areas of Sri Lanka
(D)Maoist Affected Areas of India
(E)None of them
Ans. (B) North East India
18.Dr M Balmuralikrishna is a renowned artist of ______?
(A)Hindustani Vocal
(B)Carnatic Vocal
(C)Dhrupad Style
(D)Carnatic Instrumental
(E)None of them
Ans. (B) Carnatic Vocal
19. Which of the following has joined hands with IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature ) to launch a $ 2 Million Livelihoods Adaptation Network to serve as a resource for conservation groups, governments, international agencies and others working to make vulnerable ecosystems more resilient, and help human communities adapt sensibly to changing climate?
(A)Women’s Environment & Development Organization
(B)World Wide Fund for Nature
(C)Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
(D)International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement
(E)None of them
Ans. (B) World Wide Fund for Nature
20.Gulf of Eden has been frequently in news because of the following?
(A)Huge Reserves of Crude Oil
(B)The trilateral maritime issue between Myanmar, Bangladesh and India
(C)Pirates of Somalia
(D)Accidental collision of Submarines of US and Russia
(E)None of them
Ans. (C) Pirates of Somalia, The gulf is known by the nickname Pirate Alley due to the large amount of pirate activity in 

Source: The Telegraph News

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