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03 October 2014

Important Interview Tips

Why people fail in job interviews?
Though you have study skills, knowledge about so many things, still you fail in interviews and only because of your wrong prepares for interviews. So before attending any interview/exam before preparation is very important. Give attention to the bellow tips for interview/exam and achieve success in your carrier.

As we know interviews is one of the important step in the selection process adopted for the selection of employees. A bad performance in interview will surely cease your chance to get the job. Here I would like to mention about the major causes of failure in interviews alert you to these so that you may check them before they happen, since slips like these may seriously damage your chances of success.
a) Common errors in interviews
Arrive late for the interview: remember that punctuality is one of the most important quality which the employer is expecting from his employees.
Look disheveled and inappropriately dressed: you should not be in a casual dress .wear an executive shirt of most probably a light colored shirt and dark colored pant. Don’t try to buy low quality dresses for the interviews to save money.try to buy a good quality shirt and pant of any branded company.
Adapt a bad posture and slouch in the seat: Try to sit straight in about 100 degrees .be relaxed and not get nervous.
Fail to maintain good eye contact with the interviewer without trying to stare the interviewer down: eye contact is very important in maintaining an effective communication in interviews as like in any conversation.
b) Be uninformed about the organization interviewing you.
In your presentation, fail to make a connection between your skills and the needs of the employer.
Speak of many accomplishments but fail to provide any quantified evidence of your achievements.
Answer questions I an unfocused, disorganized, and rambling manner.
Remain uninspiring and display no enthusiasm for the job.
Answer most questions with simple yes and no without elaboration, explanation and examples required to carry conviction. Appear desperate for the job: be smart in interviews. Smartness is an important quality that the employer is expected from you Give obviously memorized responses, halting often and forgetting parts of what your want to say. Malign your current or former bosses and colleagues. When asked: ‘’Do you have any questions?” reply “no”. Since this implies your lack of interest to the job. Interviews are experiences that improve with practice. As your fear subsides, you will perform better .try to not process any of the described errors given above in interviews since it may affect your chance in the interview .
a) Success follows the Excellent
 Not all days weeks months or years you chase failure. There will be one day when success will be chasing you and that's your excellent work skill. Be informative, learn daily GK, gain computer knowledge, do competitive preparation, follow online tools for study, improve word power, do self assignments, be adhere to current affairs and mostly be practical. These would help you not only to excellent in your carrier but also help improve your life.
b) Make a Relevant Job Profile
 Before attending any interview make sure all above said are followed by you with a suitable job profile. Irrelevant information about your job profile can make employers eye with you. For example if you are going for a job for Telecaller and you have a profile of Software Engineer though you have, then employer most feel instability with you as you can leave the job for better opportunity. So better would be stick with your carrier. Show long stability by sticking to any company, then jump to give head start to your carrier if got any opportunity.

At the End:
Dear readers here the tips for interview given as for basic knowledge only. More tips will be published in next post. So read the next post BREAKING KNOWLEDGE to grow your knowledge of interview

Interview Tips for Google

Scan the job market around you…
          After obtaining as insight into your own strengths and weaknesses, you have to scan the environment of the job market around you .in this scan, you collect information about the company you are interested in as well as  general information  about the industry to which the company belongs. By doing a little homework beforehand, you will get to know the opportunities and threats .in addition ,the knowledge you gain will help you make a good impression at the interview.
Research the company and the job
The more you know about the company and the job you are applying for the better you will perform in the interview.teh interviewer will be impressed by your interest and motivation and you will be able to explain convincingly just what you can do for the company.

          Find out as much information as you can about the company, its products and its customer. If possible, talk to people who work at the company. There may be other sources of information on the internet, especially if the company is listed on the stock market or has a website.
Search form the following information
Office locations
Products and services
Past performance record
Recent news about expansion ,mergers, performance and share price movements
          Look for an outline of the company, current projects, expansion plans etc. websites often contain the last annual report. Read and learn as much as you can. This will give you an advantage when you’re being interviewed because it shows that you have taken the time to find out about the company. It will also give you a bit of inside information such as who your boss would be and what kind of projects you would be working on.
Organize your information
It is a good idea to start collecting data as soon as you apply for an attractive job. If you get a lot of information, you will need time to sort through and retain the key facts. On the other hand, if information is hard to come by, you will have the time to dig deep for it .either way, it will pay you to start early.

Keep a file for each application. As you do more research, the file will help you keep facts organized .when the time comes, it will make your interview preparation easier and quicker.
Each file may include cuttings from periodicals or newspapers, tips and comments from financial and business experts and annual reports .before the interview you can organize the information so that you have answers ready on all aspects of the company’s performance and plans. later, when you prepare your portfolio, all these will be put to good use.
Information sources
You can research an origination through a variety of sources. The primary source should be annual reports and advertisements about expansion plans, new products, collaborations etc.
All public limited companies are required to send annual reports to their shareholders. In addition, they have to publish six monthly audited financial results in newspapers. In many cases you can contact the company directly. Thereby, you will also impress the company’s personnel department with your thoroughness and initiative.
Your local library should have different business periodicals and newspapers. Some of the magazines and periodicals you may want to consult are: The economic times, the financial times, business today, the business week. There are many others. The important thing is to persist until you know the recruiting company well enough to face the interview with confidence. To test if you are sufficiently prepared, try to answer the following questions yourself
What do you know about our company?
Why do you want to work for us?
Interviewers are almost certain to ask you these or similar open ended questions. At the very least, you should be able to tell what a company’s products and services are, why they interest you, and how you can contribute to  these products and services.

02 October 2014

Walkin Interview Tips


Walk in interviews are becoming quite common these days as a means of entry level recruitment .organizations can attract a large number of local candidates to such interviews with minimum effort. The candidates too like interviews where no application forms have to be filled in advance.
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