Sunday, April 16, 2017

UPSC Exam Practice with Previous Year Question Paper

Dear readers, this was not so easy to develop the tutorial as you see. It took nearly two months for arranging questions and answers, then publishing to website. Anyway the tutorial here can make you prepare your competitive exam faster with a user friendly web page. Here the questions are cut from the previous year question paper PDFs which are collected from the UPSC's own website. The image are cut very small size and can save your data as compared to other websites which provides competitive exam tutorials. It is guaranteed that data consumed per question paper and answer wouldn't exceed 1.5 mb. As per the time consumed and lack of question papers we have collected only a limited number of question papers having answer. It is a request to all of our readers to submit question papers which are not in this tutorial by Clicking Here. So that it would help others read more. We promise to publish all of your those question papers with assorted answers. The tutorial is given as below. Thanks and please, please, please appreciate our work!
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