15 January 2018

Puzzles to Puzzle You

Finding Odd Ball Out

Q1) Suppose you been given 9 similar balls. All balls are same weight but one of them is some more weight than others. You are given a scale and asked to find the odd one by using the scale twice only.
Step-I: Divide the balls into three parts so that each part will contain 3 balls.
Step-II: Now measure any two part using the given scale. Out of these two parts if any part has the weight ball, then that part will bow down in the scale. Remove that part and again divide into three and continue to measure using the scale second time.
Step-III: If the two parts don't imbalance in the scale, It's to sure that the third part must contain the weight ball. And continue the second step with third part and remove the weight ball easily.

Q2)  There are 9 bottles each containing same color, same size, same weight i.e. 1gm each and same quantity balls inside them. But one of the bottles has each ball just weightier than other bottle balls i.e. 0.1 gm i.e. 1.1gm each. You are given a scale and asked to find out the bottle which contains the weightier balls by using the scale once only.
Keep the bottles serially from 1 to 9. Take one ball from 1st, two balls from 2nd and continue the order up to 10th bottle. Finally measure the weight of all balls (45 balls). The weight must differ by some decimal points like .1 gm, .2.gm.._ _ _ up to .9gm. And the same will decide the bottle number. That means if the weight is .7 gm then the 7th bottle must contain the weightier balls.

The Coconut Puzzle

Q1) Once a local lame man having some coconut went to a temple to sell them. The temple has 30 stairs to go up and the lame man has 3 bags having 30 coconuts in each bag. The lame man has to go up to sell the coconut and he was unable do this as he was a lame. So he decided to take a labor. He then called a labor and asked him for his wages to do this. The labor told that he will take one coconut for each stair for each bag. The lame man got shocked to hear this as he will have no coconut left in his bag to sell at the end if he give the labor one coconut for each stair. So he thought an idea. Can you guess what idea the lame man thought and told to the labor so that he managed to save 25 coconuts?
The lame man asked the labor to take all  the bags one by one but to make stoppage at 10th and 25th stair. At 10th stair the cunning lame man emptied the first bag by putting 10 coconut in second and another 10 coconut in third bag. At the 25th stair emptied the second bag by putting 15 coconut in the third bag. So at 25th stair the labor would have one bag containing 30 coconuts. Then for rest 5 stairs he will take 5 coconuts and 25 will remain in the bag which the lame man will sell and come back happily.

The Flower And Temple Puzzle

 Q1) A devotee went out for a pilgrimage to a most magical place where there were three temples and in front of each temple there was a magical pond. The devotee had some flower with him to serve the deities of the temples. He started visiting with first temple. Before visiting the temple he went to the pond in front of the temple and washed the flowers. Magically the flowers got double. The devotee went to the  temple and served some flower and kept some with him. Again he went to the second pond and washed the flowers that rest with him and again the flower doubled. The devotee went to the temple front of it and served some flower keeping some with him. Similarly he did the same process at the third temple and served some flower at third temple keeping some with him. At the end he saw he had same flower as it was earlier though he had given same no of flower at each temple. So can you guess how much flower the devotee had earlier and how much he gave at each temple?
Solution: Answer is left up to you until your comments.

The Tiger, Goat And Betel Puzzle

 Q1) Once a forest man was going to market to sell a tiger, a goat and some betel. On the way a river is appeared and there was only one sail to go other side. The sail can adjust only three person or three objects including the sailor. How the forest man managed to take all his accompany to the other side using the sail twice only? Note: If he leave tiger and goat then tiger will eat the goat, if he leave goat and betel then goat will eat the betel. Solution: First the man will take goat with him leaving tiger and goat this side. At the other side he will drop the sailor and goat and sail the sail himself to come back. Then he will take the tiger and betel to other side and give the sail to the sailor.

The River And Bridge Puzzle

 Four people are on a visit to a place in night. On the way one river appears over which a very old bridge seen and that exactly going to collapse within 17 minutes due to a heavy storm affected the bridge just before. Due to darkness in the night one should must have a torch to cross the river (or someone misplace legs, the bridge will collapse). Out of four people first person is a lame man and can take 10 minutes to cross the river. Second person who is a blind man can cross the river in 5 minutes along with any other person. The third person who is a deaf can cross the river within 2 minutes. The fourth one who is physically fit can cross the river within 1minute. Considering the bridge can hold up to two person at a time and there is only one torch with them how can these four people cross the river safely within 17 minutes.  Solution: Trip one: The fourth person who is very fast will take the deaf to other side and come back along with the torch within three minutes. ( 2+1=3 minutes elapsed). Trip two: The slowest pair the lame man and the blind man will go to other side and hand over torch to the deaf thus elapsing 10+2=12 minutes. (Total 3+12=15minutes elapsed) Trip three: Now the fourth person and deaf having torch will cross the bridge within 2minutes. (Total 15+2=17 minutes.
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