22 August 2017

Mantras and remedies for the nine planets - THE MYSTERY OF MANTRAS

MANTRAS  are mystic sounds which produce certain type of energies. ‘Mananath Trayathe Ithi Mantraha’- Mantra protects the person who recites it. This means Mantras are primarily invented by great seers for the welfare of the society.

 The cosmic energy we always receive contains different energies coming from different celestial bodies. Because we are part of our solar system, the energies coming from the Planets in this solar system always fall on us, and absorbed by our body. These energies are much needed by every one of us. They drive our daily activities and decisions. Our life force is indeed combined with these energies. When there is a deficit of any of these energies, the related problems will arise. For example, when there is a deficit of energy coming from Sun, health problems like headache, bad eye sight, weakness of heart etc will occur. Also there will be problems with one’s boss or government officials. There will be obstacles in acquiring paternal property. We can overcome all these problems by increasing the Sun’s energy in the individual by adopting various techniques. Recitation of Sun’s Mantra is the most effective technique.

What happens when a Mantra is recited? When we repeatedly utter a Mantra we are tuning to a particular frequency and this frequency establishes a contact with the cosmic energy and drags it into our body and surroundings. Thus we can balance the energies and also increase the level of a certain type of energy, which promote certain actions and events. For example, if we increase the Mercury’s energy level, it promotes us to take intelligent steps in business.

All mantras came from the single sacred sound: 'Om'. Om is a combination of 3 main sounds: Aa-Vu-Ma. (See the symbol of Om at right)  'Aa' represents Vishnu, the sustainer, 'Vu' represents Siva, the destroyer, and 'Ma' represents Brahma, the creator. Aa-also represents the Sun, Vu-the Moon, and Ma-the Fire. There are more than 150 meanings uncovered from the sound 'Om', so far. It is said that lord Siva was the first to reveal mantras for the welfare of the mankind, through sages. (See him with his family at top left).

There are Mantras for every thing. The ‘Gayatri Mantra’ recited by Hindus comprise 24 sounds, each sound is loaded with the energy of a different type by ancient sages. Thus there are 24 sages who contributed the sounds for Gayatri Mantra. It is said that ‘there is no great Mantra than Gayatri and there is no great god than the Mother’.

The main aim of Mantras is to provide whatever the human beings long for. For example, the sound ‘Sreem’ represents Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Hence the Mantra: ‘Om Sreem Om’ will bring monetary success to a person who recites it daily for at least 2 hours.

If you want to attract others and get the things done by them, then ‘Kleem’ is the right sound for you. This sound spells charm. So the Mantra: ‘Om Kleem Om’ will increase your magnetism.

If you want to become more dynamic and energetic and you want to get rid of general diseases, you can chant: ‘Om Hreem Om’. Here ‘Hreem’ is a energy reservoir.

If you are worried about the intelligence and education of your children, let them recite: ‘Om Iym Om’. Here ‘Iym’ represents Saraswathi, the goddess of Education.

A lot many people face illhealth and suffer a lot, because of the deeds committed in their previous births. For them, to get rid of health problems, and live a full life sanctioned by God, they should recite ‘Om Joom Saha’. This is called Mrityunjaya (Winning on Death) mantra and should be recited for atleast 2 hours daily.

All the activities by the human beings are greatly influenced by the Nine Planets identified in Indian Astrology. So the Planetary Mantras are furnished here, along with their general purpose:

Mantras and remedies for the nine planets

 1) Sun: Om Hraam Hreem Hroum Sah Suryaya Namaha |
The above Mantra should be recited for escaping from problems in Job, Politics, Health, diseases related to Head, Paternal related things.
ii) “Om Harang Hareeng Haroong Sah Om Bhur Bhawa Sawa Om Alkrishnen rajsa
Varatmano Niveshyanmritam mareyanch Hiranyen Savete Rathenadevi Yati
Bhovnani Pashyan. Om savah Bhovah Om Sah Haroong Harang Om Suryae
iii) Japa kusuma-sankarsham kashyapeyam maha-dyutim
tamo-rim sarva-papa-ghnam pranato ‘smi divakaram
“Let us chant the glories of the Sun god, whose beauty rivals that of a flower. I bow to him, the greatly effulgence son of Kashyapa, who is the enemy of darkness and destroyer of all sins.”
iv) .

2) Moon: Om Sraam Sreem Sroum Sah Chandraya Namaha |
This is the Mantra for escaping from mental worries, problems from Maternal things, diseases related to stomach and blood
ii) “Om Sharang Shareeng Sharoong Se Om Bhoorbhava Swa Om emandeva
aspatan subdavam hane Kashatriye mahne Jyeshthaye mahete
Janarajyeendarasthenindraye yayaya.
Emushaye Putarmushye Putarmaste Vishamishvomi Raja Somoasmakan.
Brahman raja II. Om Seva Bhuva Bho Om Se Sheroong Shareeng Sharang Om
Chandermase nama".
iii) dadhi-shankha-tusharabham kshirodarnava-sambhavam
namami shashinam somam sambhor mukuta-bhushanam
“I offer my obeisances to the Moon god, whose complexion resembles curds, the whiteness of conch shells, and snow. He is the ruling deity of the soma-rasa born from the Ocean of Milk, and he serves as the ornament on top of the head of Lord Shambhu.”.

3) Mars: Om Kraam Kreem Kroum Sah Bhoumaaya Namaha |
This is the Mantra for getting dynamic nature, winning on others, success in vehicles, land or house property dealings, escaping from accidents, improving relations with the spouse
ii) "Om Karang Kareeng Karoong See Om Bhoorbhava Sawa
Om agnimoordhi diwa Kkutpati Prathioyayam apa Reta Sejinvati
Om Sawah Bhoovah Bhooh Om Sah Kroung Kareng Karang Om Bhoumaya
iii) dharani-garbha-sambhutim vidyut-kanti-samaprabha
kumaram shakti-hastam cha mangalam pranamamy aham
“I offer my obeisances to Sri Mangala, god of the planet Mars, who was born from the womb of the earth goddess. His brilliant effulgence is like that of lightening, and he appears as a youth carrying a spear in his hand.”

4) Jupiter: Om Jraam Jreem Jroum Sah Gurave Namaha |
This is the Mantra for achieving general success in life and getting protection in all matters. It increases respect from others and social contacts. It gives stability in job or business
ii) “Om jarang jareng jaroung sah Om Bhoorbhavah Swah Brihaspateatiya
Daryoarhadyumduibhati Ritumajjaneshu. Yaddidsyachchhvasritapra
jatatdsmasu Dravinamdyohichittam. Om Swah Bhoovah Bhoo Om Sah jaroong
jareeng Om Brihaspataye Namah”
iii) devanam cha rishinam cha gurum kanchana-sannibham
buddhi-bhutam tri-lokesham tam namami brihaspatim
“I bow down to Brihaspati, god of the planet Jupiter. He is the spiritual master of all the demigods and sages. His complexion is golden, and he is full of intelligence. He is the controlling lord of all three worlds.”

5) Saturn: Om Khraam Khreem Khroum Sah Senaye Namaha |
This Mantra makes one to escape from procrastination, trauma, ill-health, all major problems in life
ii) “Om Khang Kheeng Khong Sa Om Bhoor Bhawa Kha Om Shanoo Devi
rabhishtaye Aapo Bhawanto Peetye Shanyorabi Sarvantona/Om Kha Bhawa
Bhu Om sa Khoong Kheeng Khang Om Shanshcraya mamah’s”
iii) nilanjana-samabhasam ravi-putram yamagrajam
chaya-martanda-sambhutam tam namami shanaishcharan
“I bow down to slow moving Saturn, whose complexion is dark blue like nilanjana ointment. The elder brother of Lord Yamaraja, he is born from the Sun-god and his wife Chaya.”

6) Mercury: Om Braam Breem Broum Sah Budhaaya Namaha |
This is the Mantra to improve Business dealings and Communications skills. This will sharpen the intelligence
ii) “Om Barang Bareeng Baroong she Bhoor Bhava Sawa Om Udbudhyas Vagne
Pratijagrihi Twamishpurte She Srujetha Mayanch. Asmintsandhasthe
Ardyukarsmin Vishvedeva Yajmanasheh Prasedat. Om Sahva Bhoova Bhoo,
Om Baroong Bareeng Baroong Budhaye Namah”
iii) priyangava-gulikashyam rupena pratimambadam
saumyam saumya-gunopetam tam budham pranamamy aham
“I bow down to Buddha, god of the planet Mercury, whose face is like a fragrant globe of the priyangu herb and whose beauty matches that of a lotus flower. He is most gentle, possessing all attractive qualities.” .

7) Venus: Om Dhraam Dhreem Dhroum Sah Sukraaya Namaha |
This Mantra makes one to improve relations with women, artistic talents, acquiring jewelry and money
ii) “Om darang dareeng daroong se Om Bhoorbhava sawa
Om Annat Parisato Rasam Brahmanam Vyapibat Kshatramyatom.
Prajapatih! Riten Satyamindriyavipan
Om Svaha Boovaha Bhooha Om She Daroung dareeng darang
Om Shukraye Namah”.
iii) hima-kunda-mrnalabham
daityanam paramam gurum
bhargavam pranamamy aham
“I offer my obeisances to the descendant of Bhrigu Muni (Venus), whose complexion is white like a pond covered with ice. He is the supreme spiritual master of the demoniac enemies of the demigods, and has spoken to them all the revered scriptures.”

8) Rahu: Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namaha |
This Mantra makes one to get rid of any confusion in mind, legal problems, problems from evil spirits
ii) “Om Bharang Bhareeng Bharoong Sah Om Bhoorbhava Savaha Om
Kayanashichittar Abhoovatooti Sadavridha Sakha! Kayasachisth-yavrita. Om
Svaha Bhoova Bhoo om Sah Bharoong Bhareeng Om Rahava Namah”
iii) ardha-kayam mahim-viryam chandraditya-vimardanam
simhika-garbha-sambhutam tam rahum pranamamy aham
“I offer my obeisances to Rahu, born from the womb of Simhika, who was only half a body yet possesses great power, being able to subdue the Sun and Moon.”

9) Kethu: Om Praam Preem Proum Sah Kethave Namaha |
This Mantra makes one to come out of defamation, allergic diseases, problems from evil spirits, and sudden happening of bad events
ii) “Om Prang Preeng Paroong Sah Bhoorbhavah savah. Om Ketum Krivannketava
Yashomaryaapeshase. Samusdwibharjayahah. Om Swah Bhoovah, Bhoo, Om
Sah Paroong Pareeng Praung Katave Namah”.
iii) palasa-puspa-sankasam taraka-graha-mastakam
raudram raudratmakam ghoram tam ketum pranamamy aham
“I offer my obeisances to the violent and fearsome Ketu, who is endowed with the potency of Lord Shiva. Resembling in his complexion the flower of a palasa plant, he serves as the head of the stars and planets.”

Every one cannot start chanting what ever Mantras they want. The person who wants to recite a Mantra should follow certain code of conduct. For example, one should recite a Mantra when at peace. He/she should get up early in the morning, take bath, start reciting the mantras at the time of Sun rise. One should maintain piousness and avoid Non-vegetarian food, alcohol, and other stuff, which make the functioning of the brain improper. Most important is: one should find a Guru (divine guide), who tells what type of Mantra is suitable to alleviate one’s problems, and also teaches how to recite the Mantras. Without proper guidance from Guru, one should not venture to start chanting the Mantras.


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