Monday, March 23, 2015

UPSC Previous Years Question Papers 2011

Combined Defence Services (I) Exam, 2011  

National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Exam (I), 2011  

Special Class Railway Apprentices Exam, 2011 

National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Exam (II), 2011  

Combined Defence Services (II) Exam, 2011  

Central Police Force (Assistant Commandant) Exam, 2011 

Civil Services (Main) Exam, 2011  
General Studies
Paper I
Paper II
Indian Languages (Compulsory)
Assamese Bengali
Bodo Dogri
Gujarati Hindi
Kannada Kashmiri
Maithili Manipuri
Malayalam Marathi
Nepali Odia
Punjabi Sanskrit
Tamil Telugu
Optional Subjects for Main Examination
Agriculture Paper I Agriculture Paper II
Animal Husbandary & Veterinary Science Paper I Animal Husbandary & Veterinary Science Paper II
Anthropology Paper I Anthropology Paper II
Botony Paper I Botony Paper II
Chemistry Paper I Chemistry Paper II
Civil Engineering Paper I Civil Engineering Paper II
Commerce & Accountancy Paper I Commerce & Accountancy Paper II
Economics Paper I Economics Paper II
Electrical Engineering Paper I Electrical Engineering Paper II
Geography Paper I Geography Paper II
Geology Paper I Geology Paper II
History Paper I History Paper II
Law Paper I Law Paper II
Management Paper I Management Paper II
Mathematics Paper I Mathematics Paper II
Mechanical Engineering Paper I Mechanical Engineering Paper II
Medical Science Paper I Medical Science Paper II
Philosphy Paper I Philosphy Paper II
Physics Paper I Physics Paper II
Political Science & Internation Relations Paper I Political Science & Internation Relations Paper II
Psychology Paper I Psychology Paper II
Public Administration Paper I Public Administration Paper II
Sociology Paper I Sociology Paper II
Statistics Paper I Statistics Paper II
Zoology Paper I Zoology Paper II
Literature Subjects for Main Examination
Arabic Paper I Arabic Paper II
Assamese Paper I Assamese Paper II
Bengali Paper I Bengali Paper II
Bodo Paper I Bodo Paper II
Dogri Paper I Dogri Paper II
English Paper I English Paper II
French Paper I French Paper II
German Paper I German Paper II
Gujarati Paper I Gujarati Paper II
Hindi Paper I Hindi Paper II
Kannada Paper I Kannada Paper II
Kashmiri Paper I Kashmiri Paper II
Manipuri Paper I Manipuri Paper II
Maithili Paper I Maithili Paper II
Malayalam Paper I Malayalam Paper II
Marathi Paper I Marathi Paper II
Odia Paper I Odia Paper II
Pali Paper I Pali Paper II
Persian Paper I Persian Paper II
Punjabi Paper I Punjabi Paper II
Russian Paper I Russian Paper II
Sanskrit Paper I Sanskrit Paper II
Santali Paper I Santali Paper II
Tamil Paper I Tamil Paper II
Telugu Paper I Telugu Paper II
Urdu Paper I Urdu Paper II

Indian Economic Service/Indian Statistical Service Exam, 2011  
Indian Economic Service Indian Statistical Service
General Economics-I Statistics-I
General Economics-II Statistics-II
General Economics-III Statistics-III
Indian Economics Statistics-IV

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